The intimate feeling of a stove comes back into our homes.


In the winter warming up our hands with a cup of tea is a comfort to our minds, but nowadays it’s normal to set the heating on 22° wasting money, energy, and even worst, forgetting that it’s actually cold outside. By doing so we end up being completely detached from our surroundings and ourselves. Back in the past people gathered around the chimney, with food always rumbling on top of a stove and burning charcoal put in their beds before going to sleep.


Stone turning

From this image I have created a set of pots that behaves like a stove. The lid is made out of three circles which allows the user to decide what to warm up on top of the pot while the food inside is cooking. The material used is called “Pietra Ollare”, which is a serpentine soft stone from Valtellina, Italy where each piece is handmade according to an old craft that is slowly being forgotten. It’s a great material to cook with because it’s naturally lubricated (from the talco), it’s nice to touch and it keeps its warmth for very long.


Stone waste

Because of the properties of this stone I could use the sand left over by the lathe to create a new kind of stoneware and glaze. By using different percentages of stone mixed with porcelain I created a range of colors and textures. Therefore nothing gets wasted and bowls, cups and teapot become part of the S-POT.